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Guilty Conscious

It’s different when I’m asleep. I know what to do then. Like it’s another world and I’m a different me. I can do anything in my sleep. Anything!
Of course, the possibility of repercussions niggle their way in. Even there. In Morpheus. But somehow when I am in deep deep sleep or at least think I am because sometimes I almost imagine I am awake, the difference seeming so slight, and I can’t really distinguish, I take all the right actions.
There, covered in blankets, in that other world, I am a moral man.
Totally moral man.
I wanted to tell her.
I went to sleep every night thinking, “Be fair to her. She has a right to know.”
Some nights, after a bout of sleep bravado, I almost wake her up, spill my guts.
She hates being woken up…the phone rings just before dawn regularly…more than a Covid thing, random calls from call banks, nonsense stuff, like for example, “someone just charged $1000.00 kahunas on your VISA.”
We don’t have a VISA.
Stupid stuff.
So, I don’t wake her in the night and day, when I am fully conscious, the guilt just sits there in my throat like a cancer.
And there is nothing I can say.
Not in the daylight.
Not in the dark.
Not ever.

220 words by Bill Engleson (@billmelaterplea)

Kerri White shook her head with a smirk and a wave to her best friend, Mirro. Sometimes she wondered how Mirro managed so often to leave her house at the exact same time as Kerri. Since Mirro had conjured her home as a perfect reflection of White Mansion, just across the mesa, it felt deliberate when Mirro matched Kerri’s activities.

As the girls approached each other across the cursed mesa, Mirro was stopped short by the most advanced rune circle Kerri had ever seen! Drawing her sapphire-tipped wand, Kerri searched for the source of the abjuration.

“Oh my…” Mirro’s dark eyes widened as magical energy rose from the runes to encage her.

A tall figure in a white cloak stepped out onto Mirro’s porch. The face hidden under the hood was less concerning to Kerri than whatever the woman had in her right hand under the cloak. The figure’s left hand was extended, manipulating the rune circle with a one-handed casting style even Kerri would struggle with.

“Who are you?! What do you want!?”

Kerri approached the stranger, wand pointed. The woman shook her hooded head. Mirro swept a bare foot over the runes, but instead of disappearing, as usual, she was brutally shocked by arcane lightning! Mirro attacked the bars with her disruptive hands, only to be zapped again!

“Oh piffle,” Mirro coughed out a smoke puff, her long black hair frizzed out with the ends sparking.

Kerri had never seen anything block Mirro’s powers before, let alone so effectively! Kerri turned her wand on the runes to counter the spell.

“No! Don’t!”

The woman’s panicked voice was familiar. Though not as familiar as her sapphire-tipped wand, she used to counter Kerri’s counterspell. Mirro inclined her head toward one sorceress and then the other.


296 words by David A Ludwig (@DavidALudwig)


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