#SwiftFicFriday – Week 112 Winner!

#SwiftFicFriday – Week 112 Winner!

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous story-teller shadetheraven flew the highest this week and got a win!

Check out the timely story below and help celebrate!

Congrats on your #SwiftFicFriday win Anonymous! Check out the flash piece and show the story some love #WritingCommunity

When you bartered my ancestors’ lands for gold and iron, my body stirred

When my brothers and sisters rose in revolt and smashed down your wall, I cheered for liberty.

When you choked my brethren for daring to defy you, I sewed on wings to defend them.

And when you burned my home and heart from afar, painting your hands in blood, I ascended beyond mortal name or form.

Now I live in the skies, above your reach and between your breaths.

Your heart will chill when you hear my name, though I will never speak it again.

Your hands will quake at the sight of me, the last movements they will ever make.

And when I rip your wings from your unworthy husk, know that I await you again at the gateway of Hell.

I am Pryvyd Kyyeva.
The Ghost of Kyiv.
The one who burns the Red Star in the flames of vengance.

In blue skies choked by wicked smoke, I will hunt you down.

Image of a bright red bird taking flight with text over it. Text reads Congrats Winner! Banner along the bottom of the image reads ShadeTheRaven, #SwiftFicFriday

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