#ThursThreads – Ambush

#ThursThreads – Ambush

Prompt: “Why are we here?”

Nolan leads me through the dark. The longer we walk, the worse my nerves become. He’s hardly said more than a handful of words since our sparring match, and maybe if I’d been more awake, I would’ve thought twice about following him into the woods. I’m still a bit groggy, and the nocturnal sounds of the forest are a stark reminder of my interrupted sleep.

Too late to turn back, though.

So I push forward, straining my senses for any hint of a threat. When he stops, he grabs my arm and pulls me into a crouch and points ahead. Hidden behind trees, we have a decent view of a clearing. It’s empty.

“Why are we here? The clearing is-“

He mutters something. A moment later, magic shimmers in front of us and reveals the faint glow of embers signaling a recently dead campfire. Figures rest on the ground, but I can’t see much else. When I try to shift closer, Nolan holds me in place and shakes his head.

“You’ll trip their wards.”

“Who are they?”

“If I had to guess? Probably assassins after Kieran.” His eyes meet mine. “They’ve been following us for days.”

“Days? And you just led them here? To us? To my sister?”

“They outnumber me. Would have been reckless to engage on my own and risk Kieran.” His voice turns thoughtful. “But with another mageā€¦”

My ego is still wounded after our fight, but I understand his reasoning.

“Fine. But you follow my lead.”

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As always, keep on keeping on!

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