#ThursThreads – Warnings

#ThursThreads – Warnings

Prompt: “You need to be careful.”

You need to be careful, little mage.

The warning echoes in my mind. But the more I think about it, the more it sounds like a threat. The unspoken ‘or else’ at the end of the sentence gets louder with every passing moment. Before I realize it, I’m pacing.

“Relax, Nora. Please.” Celeste rubs her temples. “Carving a hole into the floor isn’t going to make those shoes any more comfortable.”

She’s right, of course. I can already feel blisters forming. The dress is heavy, too, the multilayered skirt swishing with every turn, coming close to making me lose my balance. Celeste – more accustomed to formal wear – lies perfectly still on the bed, managing to lounge without wrinkling her similar dress.

I should tell her about the warning, about the daydream that felt a little too real for comfort. But there’s no use freaking her out, too. Underneath my gloves, my palms are soaked.

Someone knocks on the door, the sound making me jump and nearly splitting my ankle in half.

“Come in!” Celeste doesn’t bother moving.

Kieran enters, followed by Nolan. My eyes lock onto his. Was he struck by the same vision? Celeste gets up with a smile for her future wife before hooking their arms together.

“Ready?” Nolan offers me his arm. I take it, if only for stability.

“Your mask – no runes?”

“They said no armor.”

We reach the ballroom and wait for the doors.

“Why does this feel like a trap?”

“Because it probably is.”

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As always, keep on keeping on!

2 thoughts on “#ThursThreads – Warnings

  1. So Nolan’s mask with runes counts as armor… Intriguing. I don’t know the setting well, but a lot of my characters in a lot of settings would probably have tried to get away with armor that subtle. I’d be curious if this was a case where Nolan isn’t the sort of person to cheat like that and/or if this isn’t the kind of setting where he could get away with it. I suppose those that know him know what his mask does.

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