#ThursThreads – Options

#ThursThreads – Options

Prompt: “Those are your options.”

“You can’t be serious.” I stare at my father, regal on his throne.

“I am.”

Beside me, Celeste exchanges looks with Kieran, both princesses as displeased as I am.

“It’s a condition of tonight’s negotiations. A token of trust.”

My eyes glance at Nolan – the only other mage in the room. He doesn’t comment, eyes as stoic as usual behind the mask. We’ll both have to go in without armor, guard our respective princesses without anything to protect us.

“So if something happens, I’m just supposed to fend off attackers in a dress?” The thought of formal wear constricting movement, making life difficult, triggers anxiety in my chest.

“That, Eleanora, or you don’t attend at all. Those are your options.” Once upon a time, the sternness in his voice would have made me flinch.

“And you honestly trust them? Enough to risk our lives?” It’s not my place, as a mage, to argue with the king. But as his daughter, I really couldn’t care less.

His lack of an answer is telling.

When I storm out, it’s Nolan who catches up to me.

“Nora, wait.”

“You can’t be okay with this.”

“I’m not – but hostility won’t change anything.” He stops me with a hand on my elbow, making me turn to meet his eyes. “For what it’s worth, I think we’re more than capable of keeping them – and each other – safe.”

The intensity of his eyes gives me pause, and I struggle to form the words, “I hope you’re right.”

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