#ThursThreads – Question?

#ThursThreads – Question?

Prompt: “You have a question?”

The tension between us is thick. I want nothing more than to run away, ashamed at having pushed my magic too far. At needing the other mage’s help to heal after our match. By comparison, although I overpowered him, he looks unscathed. His eyes – what I can see of them beyond the mask – are focused on the task at hand, while his fingers linger on my temple, soothing the magic-induced headache that triggered my nosebleed.

I need to fill the silence, to say something. He notices, because he breaks the tension first.

“Did you have a question?” His eyes settle on mine.

“Yes.” This close, his gaze is intense, difficult to meet without flinching. So I focus on his mask, instead. On the patterns etched into it. “The etchings on your mask – do they mean something?”

“They’re runes.” His fingers shift from my temple to my forehead. The effect is instant – a soothing warmth spreads through me, and the headache is nothing more than a faint memory. “My understanding is this region doesn’t use runes in its magic.”

“We don’t.” My eyes trace the symbols, wondering what they’re for. Though I don’t know rune magic, I’m vaguely familiar with it. From what I recall, they’re normally used for stabilization. To make a spell permanent.

What kind of magic did he tie to the mask? I want to ask, but a second later the princesses are in the room, and Celeste is fussing over me.

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As always, keep on keeping on!

Update: This one earned me an honorable mention – woo!


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