#ThursThreads – Well-Matched

#ThursThreads – Well-Matched

Prompt: “It’s barely begun.”

My lungs burn with every breath, and I hate that I’ve spent the last ten minutes dodging or blocking his attacks. His magic isn’t particularly strong or even clever, but he’s so fast. I can hardly think of a spell before he’s shot three my way. It’s barely begun, but there’s no denying I’m losing this match.

“Come on, sister!” Celeste’s voice, only somewhat distracting, calls to me from the edge of our makeshift arena. It takes everything I have not to yell back, ask her to switch places. This was all her idea anyway. “Kick his ass!”

But before I can do anything, a lightning bolt shoots toward me, the crackling static making my hair stand on end. With a wave of my hand and a muttered spell, a tree erupts from the ground in front of me to take the hit. The impact shakes the earth, and a moment later the tree is on fire. Maybe it’s the adrenaline, but the very real threat he poses sends me into a rage.

If he won’t pull his punches, neither will I.

Using the burning tree as cover, I keep myself out of sight. I only have a moment, so I need to make it count. Behind me, the void opens as I conjure a pair of daggers and let myself fall back. For a moment, I hover, the space a comforting envelope around me.

In a blink, I reappear behind him, finally catching him off guard.

Be sure to check out the responses at the prompt!

As always, keep on keeping on!

Update: This snippet got me a win!

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