#SwiftFicFriday – Week 80 Winner

#SwiftFicFriday – Week 80 Winner

Happy Wednesday!

David A Ludwig (@DavidALudwig)  flew the highest this week and takes his fifth win!

Check out his story below and congratulate him on Twitter.

Congrats on your #SwiftFicFriday win @DavidALudwig! Check out his flash piece and show him some love #writingcommunity

There had been times when Vedania fantasized about immolating idyllic picnic spots. Standing in the inferno that was once a park, she found it only knotted her stomach tighter. The human girl sat insensate at one of the picnic tables, her distraught cat meowing and pawing to rouse her. Vedania focused on the girl’s mother, who was calling gouts of flame to and from conflagrant grills around the park, like some sideshow magician.

“Impressive what mere humans can do given the opportunity. Isn’t it?” Malain teased, hell blazing in her eyes.

Smoked choked the sky to a macabre red haze. Sparks in the desiccated air singed Vedania’s lungs. The otherworldly archer would have been concerned. If she weren’t so angry.

“It’s not that impressive.”

Vedania stood stone tall and unflinching as Malain played her pyrotechnics provocatively around her opponent.

“Come now, surely you can appreciate the irony of your meddling in the mortal world bringing us to this point?”


Vedania nocked her bow and fired. Malain vanished in an ascendant pillar of fire and their battle began in earnest. The human become sorceress’ powers were unprecedented in Vedania’s world, let alone the human one. Even sure her sworn sisters’ worlds might not have power like she now faced.

Pouring all her heart and magic she could muster into each arrow, Vedania was breaking boundaries too. A cupid wasn’t supposed to charge their arrows with hate, but she took grim satisfaction from the destructive power of each baneful shot. Leaping and rolling through pursuing flames she kept up a running battle against her still superior adversary. Vedania would win this fight by force of will.

Darkness lanced through Vedania, rotting her insides. She fell to her knees, consciousness fading. The girl stood behind her, hand outstretched and expression empty.

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