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#ThursThreads – Wounded

Prompt: “You may be sorry.”

Furious words are on the tip of my tongue when I turn to look at Valmong, but they fall away at the sight of him. The base of his left horn is bleeding, and his right hand holds his ribs, indicating an injury I can’t see. He struggles to stay upright.

“Val – what happened?” I rush over to help him inside.

“Noquate’s men.” He groans, sagging into the chair. “More than I anticipated.”

“Why did you go alone?” I can’t keep the frustration from my voice, even as I tend to his wounds. “I told you-“

“And risk you too?” He takes over holding bandaging against his wound. “I’m fine.”

“And your ribs?”

“Just sore.” He leans back, closing his eyes.

“Do they know we’re looking for Nevari?”

“Dead men can’t talk.” Despite his wounds, Valmong is the very picture of ease. Like he didn’t just almost die. Or maybe I’m being alarmist. Either way, my stomach twists with guilt.

“Let me help.” I swap the bandaging for a cleaner set. The wound has mostly stopped bleeding, so I finish wrapping it. He winces as I touch the gash. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“No it’s-“

“You may be sorry, but you shouldn’t be.” He opens his eyes and offers me a small smile. “I did this to help you. To keep you safe. And I’m happy to do it.” My heart stutters, and I fight the blush in my cheeks.

“It’s like you have a death wish.”

He chuckles.

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