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#SwiftFicFriday W61 – Vote!

Another prompt, another round of great stories to choose from. Check the stories out below and vote for your favorite!

@DavidALudwig, 272 words

Jinx nestled cozily between Emathyst, the executioner, and Oaklie, the bunny cadet, as their sleigh took to the winter sky. A blanket over their laps and Jinx’s cat, Blackie, nestled on Emathyst promised a comfortable ride even through the rushing air. Jinx sighed down at the antique compass in her mittened hands, pointing straight ahead.

“Will this old compass really lead us to my mother?”

“Of course!” Oaklie approximated a thumbs up with a forepaw, kaleidoscopically colored with stray paint. “Santa knows his stuff! Old magic is the best; between this sleigh and that compass we’ll find your mama in no time!”

Vedania, the cupid, crossed her arms sullenly in the front row.

“I hate to imagine what she’s been up to this whole time. Humans shouldn’t leave the mortal world.”

Bluebelle, the druidess in the driver’s seat, coaxed their reindeer up and over a crystalline cloud with a shake of jingle belled reins.

“We can address that after we find her. We don’t know how many worlds we’ll have to cross.”

“Hrm…” Brewer, Emathyst’s partner, grumbled from the other side of his fellow executioner. “Is that right?”

“Sure!” Oaklie agreed with Bluebelle. “What good will worrying do?”

Brewer peered around Emathyst.

“No, I mean about the old magic. Isn’t the saying ‘out with the old and in with the new?’”

Emathyst considered the stars above them meditatively.

“You may be thinking of breathing.”

Brewer sat back on their seat, mumbling doubtfully into his beard. Jinx sat back as well. She wasn’t sure when she stopped missing her mother, but suddenly she was in no hurry to part with her new friends.

My Bed by @JPGarlandAuthor, 261 Words

“What are you thinking?”

She runs her finger across my cheek, on her side and leaning against me as she nearly always does when we were in bed satiated, on a late afternoon in the winter, when the sun is gone and the radiator is clanging out its heat.

I am on my back, my left arm reaching down to her waist.


“It is not nothing. Tell me.”

I pull my arm out and push her hand away and it startles her and her gentleness turns harsh.

“I’ve never seen you like this. Just tell me.”

I pull the sheet off me and get up on my side of the bed. But it’s my damn bed. I should be able to get out on any side of it.

I am suddenly modest in front of her and use my crossed hands as a shield as I back from the room. My bedroom. I am in the bathroom dreading returning to her in my bedroom.

I needn’t wait long.

Five, ten minutes tops. I hear her gathering some of her things and step into the living room, draped in a towel.

She’s dressed, her bag over her right arm.

“I never figured you were one of those ‘out with the old and in with the new’ types. I’ll arrange to pick up my things.”

Before she reaches the lobby, the shower, my shower, is hot but not scalding and I am cleaning her from me. With plenty of time to get to Siegel’s Pub to see if someone new happens by.


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