#SwiftFicFriday W56 – Vote!

#SwiftFicFriday W56 – Vote!

Another prompt, another round of great stories to choose from. Check the stories out below and vote for your favorite!

@DavidALudwig, 299 words

“Find her!”

The otherworldly archer and executioners descended upon the bustling autumnal town. Vedania leapt to a rooftop vantage with a flutter of her cherub wings as Emathyst and Brewer separated to search alley by alley. Jinx indeed. The aptly named little girl was proving as much of a headache as her mother. Worse, Vedania was partially to blame. If she hadn’t made Malain and Thom fall in love, then at least there wouldn’t be a child.

Vedania and her friends weren’t the first to visit worlds besides their own and Earth, but they clearly didn’t belong here. If the starch collared pilgrims weren’t so busy preparing for their holiday, the outsiders would be too inundated with questions to find the escaped Earth girl.

A huge dusky turkey drove Jinx from her hiding place with a bullying gobble. Vedania and the executioners converged on the alley, where Jinx’s black cat valiantly interposed himself between bird and girl—before joining her retreat from the formidable fowl.

“Oh! Easy there!”

Jinx collided with a blue green pantleg, softer and more colorful than the local style. Its owner, in matching coat and hat, knelt to gather the girl into her protective arms while providing a shoulder perch for the cat. Their round-faced rescuer booped the great gobbler on the beak, placating it.

“Bluebelle, how nice to see you.” Emathyst’s voice was as unperturbed as ever. “What brings you to this world?”

Bluebelle laughed, standing with an arm around the girl nestled on her hip.

“A little bird suggested I should wander, so I did.”

Brewer tugged incredulously at his beard bristling through his executioner’s hood.

“What are the odds we’d all end up in the same world?”

“Better than you’d think.” Bluebelle’s meaningful gaze seemed meant more for Vedania than the dwarf.

@JoeGarlandNY, 299 words

An Uninvited Wedding Guest

I knew it was a bad idea. Outside. Not in a proper church with pews and an altar and organ improvisation echoing off the stone walls. Instead, a classical guitar playing the Wedding March as Tess and her dad follow Sue down the aisle—what I wouldn’t give for a Hendrix-at-Woodstock rendition—and of all the lawns in all the world a pigeon decided to poop on my head.

What is one to do? What can one do? Trying to get rid of it would be a disaster, a clammy yellow arranged like some stale taco dip. It wouldn’t look so bad on Tommy, Tess’s ex, with his blond hair; hell, it might improve the wanker’s looks. Perhaps no one will notice. If I tried, with my dark hair, I’d end up on one of those you-won’t-believe-what-happened-at-this-wedding memes. No thank you.

Oops. The priest sees. He gives a wait-are-you-gonna-do? shrug, probably thinking this doesn’t happen at a proper, church wedding. Thanks, padre.

Finally. Sue is reaching the front. Maid-of-Honor. Some ups-and-downs with dear Sue, but in the end she came around. I doubt Tess would have agreed if Sue didn’t sign off on me. Thanks, Sue. Oh. Sue sees it. Nice double-take there and a smile. Sue and I will get along great.

Now, Tess and her dad. No veil—it’s outside—and no fancy gown. Kiss on the cheek and he hands her off to me.

She looks and smiles. Her this-is-how-I-ensnared-you smile. She is such a fool for having said yes. And me? I’m what Gehrig said in the movie.

Of course she sees it, the blob of pigeon poop. Will she pull an Elaine and rush out? Apparently not. She lifts her free hand. Touches her hair corresponding to my blob. And blows me a kiss.

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