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#ThursThreads – Panicked Fury

Prompt: “What the hell does that mean?”

Behind me, the steps draw closer and my panic mounts. I need to hide, but I don’t know if the doors down this hallway will put me in more danger. I’m about to pick a random door when an arm comes around my waist and pulls me behind a curtain.

Before I can scream or struggle, Valmong’s face comes into focus, his finger over his lips. My body goes still as we listen to the steps round the corner. He pushes the curtain aside slightly, letting us see as the hulking pair walks Nevari’s unconscious body down the hall. They look vaguely human, but each with distinct animalistic qualities. The one leading is covered in multicolored scales, the other with bushy fur.

“Careful, the boss doesn’t want her harmed.”

“He doesn’t want her memory harmed. He said nothing of her body.”

They sound like a single entity, impossible to tell the difference between voices.

“True. We can still have our fun without hurting her mind…”

Anger laces Valmong’s voice as he whispers. “What the hell…”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” I can only barely contain my own fury, and all that keeps me from making myself known is Valmong’s iron grip.

The monsters continue down the hall, taking the door a few yards down from our hiding place. As soon as the door closes, I run after them.

“Wait!” Valmong’s voice is a hiss.

“No – we can’t lose them.” My panic turns into something else. Something worse.

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