#MidWeekFlash – Wings

#MidWeekFlash – Wings

Prompt: #MidWeekFlash

Elle moved in a blur, her wings emerging in a flash of metallic blue that matched her hair. The small angel stopped in front of us, wings spread in a clear gesture of protection as she faced the unseen threat. Her hand hovered on the hilt of her sword, as if debating the wisdom of brandishing the weapon.

A second later, I felt it. Or rather, him.

Long time no see, brother. His voice, once a familiar and even comforting presence in my mind, felt foreign. Menacing.

“Adwin, no need to play games.” And now I joined Elle in her protective stance, pulling Alex to stand behind me, hiding her from view. I couldn’t tell if Adwin had noticed the young psychic yet, but I intended to keep her from him as long as I could.

When he finally came into view, I almost didn’t recognize him. Not because he looked all that different. After all, we’re twins, and it would be odd not to recognize my own face. There was a darkness to his eyes I’d never seen before, and the energy that hovered around him felt off. Corrupted.

“Hello Saxon.” He smiled, but the expression looked inhuman.

“What happened to you?” I couldn’t hide the shock, or keep from flinching.

“You wouldn’t help me.” Adwin shrugged. “So I found someone who would.”

What is he talking about? Alex’s voice, hardly a whisper, pushed at the edges of my mind. She was getting better.

“Enough chatter. What do you want?” Despite her stature, Elle radiated power, and her voice commanded attention. Adwin’s focus went from me to her.

“I see you’ve made a powerful friend of your own.” Adwin, hands in his pockets, leaned against the nearest wall. “What I want, is to give my brother another chance. To come with me. To help me.” His voice quieted, eyes looking down at his feet. “I can’t promise your safety otherwise, Saxon.”

“What did you do?”

“That’s a no, then.”

“Adwin, wait.”

He disappeared before I could ask him again, leaving a knot in my gut and dread sitting heavy on my shoulders.

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