#ThursThreads – Better

#ThursThreads – Better

Prompt: “You’re getting better.”

I stare at the song, titled Healing, on the page, and try to keep what Sia said in mind.

Your magic is about intent. Intent and the music.

But so far all I’ve managed is a few notes before the bow slips from my fingers. The sound is less than pleasant and I can’t help my frustration. I can play entire movie scores from memory – why the hell can’t I get this damn song?

I wish the priestess was here with me now, instead of Valmong, with his bored look and impatient toe-taps. He won’t say it out loud, but I’m pretty sure he no longer thinks I can do magic.

And with every failed attempt, I can’t help but agree.

“One more try, and then we head back.” Guilt laces my words as I readjust the violin. The cut on the back of his hand mocks me, and I know I won’t be able to heal it.

“We can stay as long as you need.” Valmong wipes the boredom from his face, amber eyes approaching something like sympathy.

“It’s fine.” With a deep breath, I try to focus on the music, on the intent, on his hand.

For once, I make it to the end of the song. It wasn’t my best performance, but as the final notes fade, I open my eyes and check his hand, where a scab replaced the cut.

Valmong flexes it, the corner of his mouth tipping with a smile. “See? You’re getting better.”

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As always, keep on keeping on!

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