#ThursThreads – Dreams

#ThursThreads – Dreams

Prompt: “This isn’t what I dreamed of.

The ghost of Val’s lips linger on mine, even as awareness replaces the fogginess in my sleep-riddled brain. I don’t remember much of the dream, but I can recall enough to trigger heat in my cheeks.

When I open my eyes, I have to resist the urge to jump back.

Val is close enough to touch, and at some point in the night I reached out to him, so that my hand rests on his arm. He’s deep asleep, and I scramble to slide farther away. In my rush to do so, I collide with Nevari behind me.

Though she remains asleep, she shoves me back.

“Sorry.” I mutter my apology and settle back into my spot between them. It’s a small room, but now it feels suffocating.

I can’t get back to sleep, and my thoughts keep going back to the dream. Even in the deepest trenches of teenage infatuation, this isn’t what I dreamed of – ever. I’ve never been the type to obsess over boys, let alone someone who is virtually a stranger.

Val shifts in his sleep, moving to lie on his back. He settles into the position with a sigh, lips slightly parted.

I shut my eyes, feeling like a creep. It’s just a crush, you’ll get over it.

The more I try to push the feeling away, the worse it seems to get. But I can’t let it go beyond a crush – not when I intend to leave this insane world and get back home.

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