#ThursThreads – Worried

#ThursThreads – Worried

Prompt: “Aren’t you worried about tomorrow?”

Bysen shifted in bed, unable to get any sleep despite the lavish accommodations. The mattress begged her to fall asleep, but her racing mind wouldn’t let her. After another five minutes, she left her bedroom. The sitting room was empty, the embers in the fireplace only giving off a faint glow. Across the room, her brother’s door was ajar, letting out the sounds of his snoring.

Suppressing a chuckle, she crossed the room to close the door. The hinges squeaked, and though her brother seemed fast asleep, he shot upright.

“Bysen?” Canaan’s voice was groggy. Snapping his fingers, he lit a fire in his hand. “What are you doing?”

“Sorry. You fell asleep with the door open.” She tried to hide how on edge she was, but it was a lost cause.

“You okay?” Of course he knew she was still rattled from the attack. Why wasn’t he?

“Aren’t you worried about tomorrow? About another attack?” It would be his wedding day, after all. So many people. So many strangers.

Another attempt on his life was inevitable.

“Alan increased security tenfold. And they wouldn’t try again so soon. They need time to regroup after what you did to them.” A rueful smile lit his features, but Bysen didn’t share his confidence.


“Go to bed, Bysen. It’ll be fine.”

Bysen begged to differ, but Canaan’s tone left no room for argument. She closed the door on the way to her bedroom, knowing full well sleep would be out of reach.

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