#ThursThreads – Not Pretty

#ThursThreads – Not Pretty

Prompt: “It wasn’t going to be pretty.”

Nevari’s face peeks through the dark, her eyes filling with panic as she places a finger over her lips and points upward with her other hand. Above, the floorboards creak, and shadows shift with frantic urgency. Valmong moves in complete silence, pressing against the wall, eyes trying to get a glimpse of what’s happening.

The thugs search the room we were only just in moments ago. Doing my best to silence my breathing, I strain to hear what’s happening.

“Was it like this when you found it?” The speaker’s voice has a growl to it, and it’s obvious they’re angry.

“It wasn’t-“

“Going to be pretty difficult to explain to the boss why it’s all gone then, isn’t it?” A hint of panic dilutes the anger as they pace the room.

“I…” The second voice is more of a pathetic squeak. “Someone must have found it. But it’s guarded…unless…” The voice trails off.

“The brat. She’s the only one other than her father who would have known.” Nevari’s eyes go wide, her entire body tense.

They’ll know she escaped her captors. We’ll lose what little advantage we have over Noquate if that gets back to him. My eyes meet Valmong’s and it’s clear we’re thinking the same thing.

He crosses the space and stands close, mouth by my ear.

“On my signal.”

I nod, and he disappears back the way we came. Prepping my violin, I try to ignore the tingling his whisper leaves behind.

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