SwiftFicFriday W45 – Winner!

SwiftFicFriday W45 – Winner!

Joseph P Garland (@JPGarlandAuthor) flew the highest this week and takes his first win!

Check out his story below and congratulate him on Twitter.

Congrats on your #SwiftFicFriday win @JPGarlandAuthor! Check out his flash piece and show him some love #writingcommunity

It was a normal day. Even better. The sky a bright blue. The temperature pleasant in a way it had not been for months.

We wandered out after morning chores were done, into the woods. Where we could talk as we sometimes did about our tomorrows. We were not gone long, and we were not deep into the woods when we felt a sudden chill. Slowly at first the clarity of the sky began to fade. The birds were excited, agitated even, calling and flinging about the branches above us.

We knew where we were but we did not know why the sky was darkening. A storm, perhaps? But we heard no thunder and saw no lightning. And the sky remained pristine. Darkening. Not lowering; there were no clouds.

The sun. The sun itself was fading and we could look up at it though it burnt our eyes until there was a flash and it was gone but its spirit shot all around it and we could stare at it without pain.

In the darkness things became silent. We held hands, wondering what would become of us and of our world.

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