#ThursThreads – Reluctance

#ThursThreads – Reluctance

Prompt: “Can’t or won’t?”

My head swims with agony, and it’s like I can feel the life draining out of me with each beat of my heart. Valmong continues to carry me through the darkness, and I try to focus on the sound of his heartbeat against my ear. Every inch of me is lead, weighed down by the pain so much I can hardly breathe.

“We can’t just keep running!” Nevari seems to struggle keeping up with Valmong’s pace. Worry laces her words. “You know where we need to go. Who we need to ask for help.”

Even through my disorientation, I can tell Valmong’s silence is heavy. Pointed.


“I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Nevari gets in front of him, cutting him off and forcing him to jolt to a stop. The suddenness jostles me, but all I can do is groan. “Look at her. She’s dying. My amulet can only do so much. There’s no where else to turn.”

“We don’t even know that she’ll help.” His grip on me tightens just so as he pulls me closer.

“But we need to try, right?”

Valmong’s sigh of resignation comes across as more of a grunt, but he mutters his agreement. “Fine.”

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