Life update!

It’s been quiet here as of late, but there’s a reason for that!

Yours truly is married now 🙂 And, despite the circumstances, it was every bit the fairy tale I was hoping for! It’s been three weeks since, and thanks to appropriate safety measures/reduced guest count, we were able to celebrate without anyone getting sick. We were blessed with being able to have our ceremony and an altered version of our reception. All in all, it was an amazing day!

Between wedding planning and the general anxiety that this year has been, I just haven’t been able to keep up here. I’ve continued writing (not as much as I’d like) and editing my rewrite projects, but quarantine has taken its creative toll. I’m slowly ramping back up, though, and intend to pick things up in the latter half of this year.

Now that wedding planning is behind me and I find myself with massive amounts of free time I didn’t have before, I’m hoping to slip back into some writing/reading habits that suffered earlier this year. Secondhand Soul is undergoing some TLC in preparation of resubmitting to a publisher that showed some interest, and the rest of my work is slowly plugging along after it! And I’ve joined a reading group that I’m hoping will kick my butt back into gear so I can keep up on weekly reviews here again. I wish I could say I was one of those creatives who did all the things during quarantine, but I’m not. And that’s okay! Not all of us have the mental bandwidth for that.

So anyway, first thing to get back on track will be my weekly writing prompt series – #SwiftFicFriday. If you’re unfamiliar, check out the past challenges/winners. I’m looking forward to starting it back up next week, so keep an eye out for that!

Until next time, keep on keeping on!


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