#ThursThreads – Time

#ThursThreads – Time

Prompt: “Give us a couple of hours.”

The kiss is short-lived, and I don’t get a chance to respond before he pulls away. Oriza is back, and he turns to face her, moving to stand between us.

“Just give us a couple of hours, and we’ll be gone.” Valmong’s voice is firm, leaving little room for argument although he’s clearly prepared to fight if he has to.

His mother’s eyes move between us, lingering on me in a way that feels familiar – a battle of wills I’ve had with Valmong in the past. I can feel her assessing me, trying to come to a conclusion. She must see something she doesn’t hate, because her face softens slightly, the scowl losing its edge.

“Take whatever time you need.” She finally looks away from me and back to her son. “But remember what I told you, Valmong.”

She’s not your problem. Does she know I overheard them?

Valmong nods, the gesture a dismissal before he turns to lead me back into the smaller room.

When he closes the door, his entire body sags against it.

“You don’t have to do this. I can go. The last thing I want is to cause you trouble with your family.”

“Whatever issues I have with my mother, know that you have nothing to do with them. To be honest, you can’t make them any worse.” He pushes off the door and moves to the bed.


With a sigh, he lies down. “Like I said, just a few hours and we’re gone.”

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As always, think happy thoughts 🙂


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