#ThursThreads – Coming Back

#ThursThreads – Coming Back

Prompt: “I told her I wouldn’t come back here again.”

When I finish the song, his eyes are still closed, head still tilted back against the chair. For a moment I think he’s fallen asleep, but he takes a deep breath and opens his eyes. There’s a renewed vitality there, and no matter how often I heal him with my music, I’ll never not be surprised to see it.

His gaze lingers on mine just a little too long, and I look away, toward the door Oriza slammed on her way out.

“The last time I saw her, we said some harsh things.” Regret laces his words. “I told her I wouldn’t come back here again.” He sighs. “This isn’t how I saw our reunion happening.”

“I’m sorry.” I try not to let the guilt weigh me down, but it sits heavy on my shoulders. “Maybe I should go.” Grip tightening on my violin, I move back to the other room. “You can stay here, reconnect with your mom. I can find Nevari from here.”


“You’ve brought me this far. Don’t feel obligated-“

“I don’t.” Valmong stops me from leaving, taking one of my hands. “I didn’t risk my mother’s wrath because I feel obligated.”

This time, he doesn’t let me look away. Before I realize what’s happening, his fingers brush my jaw, and his lips press against mine.

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As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

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