#ThursThreads – Resistance

#ThursThreads – Resistance

Prompt: “There was no resistance.”

Despite the poison still  making its way out of my system, there was no resistance as I clenched and unclenched my fists. My limbs still felt sluggish, but at least I could move again. By some miracle, I’d also managed to stay awake.

I couldn’t say the same for Valmong.

Clearly, the fight had taken more from him than he’d originally let on. Desperate to treat my wound, he’d powered through exhaustion and his own injuries. It wasn’t until he’d set up camp and made sure I was sitting comfortably against the base of a tree that he let himself rest. A moment later, he started to doze off, head slumping. By then, though, I’d regained some movement.

“Valmong?” Reaching over to shake his arm felt like moving through sludge. Fighting gravity shouldn’t have been that difficult.

He startled, sitting up straight, eyes wide as his head whipped back and forth to examine the camp.

“What is it? Are you okay?”

“Relax.” Letting my arm drop, I leaned my head back against the bark. Every move was difficult. “Lay down, or you’ll hurt yourself trying to sleep sitting up.”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re no help to me if you’re exhausted.” I patted my leg, offering it as a pillow. “And I can kind of move now, so I think I’ll live.”


“At least one of us should sleep.”

He looked like he wanted to argue, but didn’t. He placed his head on my lap, instead. Seconds later, he was out.

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