#ThursThreads – Keep Playing

#ThursThreads – Keep Playing

Prompt: “Why can’t I keep you out?”

Every move stiffens my shoulder, but I can’t stop. The strings on my violin threaten to snap, but I know if I stop, the mage will overpower me.

Across the field, Val continues his struggle against the other rogue. They move in blurs of red and black, knives clashing in midair. I almost lose focus, watching him, worrying about him. My hand slips, but I recover. And not a moment too soon – that blip was all the mage needed. She nearly shot me with lightning before doubling over once more.

“Why…can’t I keep…you…out?” The words come out in grunts, followed by words heavy with magic. I don’t speak the language, but I feel their power pushing against me, against the influence of the music. But she’s right – she can’t keep me out. My music bleeds into her ears, infects her bones.

Paralyzes her.

If only I could make it reach the rogue, but my range isn’t great. My music isn’t strong enough to affect more than one person. So I focus on her – keep her down, keep her immobile.

A cry disrupts the battle, and for a moment I think it’s Val.

I flinch and nearly stop playing when I see the knife fly through the air. It finds its home in my leg, and I fall to one knee.

“Camilla!” Val snaps the other rogue’s neck before rushing to me.


He takes the hint and dispatches her just in time for me to pass out.

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt.

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

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