Reader’s Block?

Reader’s Block?

You’d think that being told to stay indoors would do wonders for readers and writers alike. Alas, that is not the case.

Despite it being a busy year, 2019 saw me doing all sorts of reading and getting things done. Granted, 2020 is definitely busier (doing more at work, buying a house, and wedding prep has me operating at 120%), I thought I could take some of that momentum from last year into this one. Instead, I’ve found myself unable to read OR write as much as I’d like, and it’s not even due to a lack of time. Just a complete lack of motivation. We’re three months into the year and, according to my reading goals, I’m already four books behind schedule. This time last year, I was five books ahead of schedule.

That hurts.

When I get writer’s block, I usually turn to reading to refill my creative well. But what happens when I get reader’s block? Is that even a real thing that happens to other people? I’m struggling to motivate myself to read. I try to read, and it makes me sleepy, or tired, or I lose focus. I know the cures for writer’s block, the exercises to loosen those muscles, but what is there to do when I struggle to read, other than just force myself to do so?

Maybe I’m just being lazy, or restless as a result of self-isolation. Maybe I’m worn out from all the craziness of work and planning. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right stuff to keep me going. Whatever the case, I’m frustrated with myself.

If anyone has tips on how to pull out of a reading slump, or suggestions of fun fiction of the urban fantasy variety you think I’d like (if you’re a writer, especially! I’m always looking to support fellow writers), please share!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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