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#ThursThreads – Restless

Prompt: β€œShe’s the one who came earlier.”

I shouldn’t be upset at being left behind. Still, doesn’t mean I have to like watching Valmong leave while I’m tucked away in this room like a nuisance. Small spaces have never been good for me, and it’s even worse when there’s nothing for me to do but think.

At least I have a window.

And so I make the most of my vantage point above the street and watch people as they pass. They give Valmong a wide berth as he crosses the street. For a while, the crowd ebbs and flows more like a large organism than various individuals.

Directly across the street, amid the movement, a figure stands completely still. No one seems to notice her. She stares at me, and even at this distance it feels like she’s reading me.

I blink, and she disappears. A knock at the door startles me, and I move to look through the peephole. Up close, her angular features mark her as more than human. She tilts her head, like she hears something. Whatever it is calls her away, and she disappears again.

When Valmong returns, it’s with the paper Jaya gave him outlining the bounty. He places it on the table, but before I can tell him about the woman, the sketch on the page twists my stomach.

“She’s the one who came earlier…” I blurt out the words without thinking. “She was here.”

Valmong pales. “Did she see you?”

“Maybe? From the street.”

“We have to go. Now.”

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As always, think happy thoughts πŸ™‚


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