#MenageMonday – Hide and Seek

#MenageMonday – Hide and Seek

Prompt: #MenageMonday


“Shut up.” I practically hiss the words at Claire, doing little to hide my annoyance and anger. “You will shut up and do what I say. Understood?”

“Fine.” The brat crosses her arms, rolls her eyes. I’m reminded of myself, and the hell I put Lexia through during my short-lived rebellious years. Pushing the guilt away, I focus on the task at hand. On making sure Claire and I make it back alive, despite her apparent determination to get us killed.

Outside, the street is completely black, dotted only by unreliable lights flickering with no discernible pattern. We have too much ground to cover without a vehicle. Even if we had a car, the noise would attract too much attention. And the last thing we need is to lure shit back to home base.

“No powers. If they catch even the slightest spike – we’re dead.” Or, really, she’s dead. But I don’t want to tell her that. It’s bad enough that I know I can’t protect us both.

At this point, I’m stalling. I know we need to make a run for it, especially while I don’t sense anything, but the thought of jumping into the dark spots of the street freaks me out. I’ve never been scared of the dark, but the apocalypse has ways of changing you. Taking Claire’s hand, I squeeze once before pulling her out of the building.

Our legs pumping, our breathing and footfalls are the only sounds that follow. Not that we’d be able to hear a wraith chasing us until it’s too late, but it’s a mildly comforting thought. Behind me, Claire begins to slow, and I’m tempted to pick her up and keep running, but that’s just panic talking.

We pause at a bus stop. It’s even darker out here – the light from the stop only illuminates about two feet around, leaving the rest of the world shrouded.

“Chest…hurts…” She sags against a dumpster.

“You get five minutes.” I take the opportunity to check our map. We’re still about a mile away from the nearest safe house.

“There’s…there’s nothing out there. There haven’t been any sightings-”

“They can literally come out of nowhere.” And then I feel it, the bile in my throat as the scent of sulfur hits my nose. Claire feels it at the same time, her eyes wide and finally holding the appropriate amount of fear. We have seconds to react.

I grab Claire and lift her into the dumpster, climbing in after her and holding the lid shut. This smell is nothing compared to the sulfur, and a second later I hear the wraith’s call – the sound a cross between a pained cry and evil laughter. Frustration and the anticipation of a hunt. It cuts through me, triggering a primal fear that’s all too familiar.

Beside me, Claire shakes. I keep an arm around her, knowing there’s nothing I can do to soothe her panic. Nothing I could’ve done to prepare her for a wraith.

Getting back into Saxon’s head has been harder than I anticipated, but I think I’ve finally hit a good rhythm. Here’s hoping I can carry that into and through #NaNoWriMo.

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt.

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

Update: Woo! Got an honorable mention 🙂

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