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Prompt Combo – In Crisis

Prompts: #EVERyTuesdayWordplay & #MidWeekFlash

“You’re telling me they’re in crisis and there’s nothing else I can do.”

Samael’s face is neutral, the angel of death perfectly content to keep collecting the souls I’m supposed to be protecting. “You’re not supposed to protect them. You’re supposed to protect their realm – big difference, Lexia.”

“Stay out of my head.”

They shrug before turning in place. Before us, their lair materializes from thin air – a fortress-like structure of faded brick, adorned with spires and towers. I’m still not quite sure why they bother with it. Then again, I still have my church sanctuary, so I suppose it makes sense Death has their own place, too.

“You’ve done all you can. Any further interference would only hinder them. Or make things worse.” Samael calls over their shoulder, voice flat. “You know that as well as I do.”

“How much worse can things possibly get?” I’m not going to just let Samael walk away. “What’ll happen when Adwin leads the charge here, a bunch of exiles trailing after?”

“We’ll deal with it.”


“Lexia.” There’s gravity to Samael’s voice I’ve never heard before. I’ve seen them amused, laughing, and even somber – but I’ve never seen them angry. It’s quiet fury, directed at me as they turn around. “I’m going to tell you the same thing I told your mother every time she wanted to interfere in your life – no. Don’t get involved. Continued exposure to them will weaken you, constantly travelling between realms will take its toll. And when I need you at full strength to actually do your job, you will be useless.”

“I can’t just-”

“You will be as useless as your mother was – is that what you want?”

Their words are a slap to the face. Sarah wasn’t useless – she saved my life. The thought spurs me forward, Samael’s fury turning contagious. Without thinking, I clench my fist, close the distance between us, and punch them. The impact hardly budges them and only manages to jolt me back. We’re both unharmed, and though I’m still angry, I feel ridiculous. Of course trying to punch Death in the mouth would be no good.

“Did that help?” Samael cocks an eyebrow, tilting their head.

“You’re insufferable.”

“So I’ve been told.” They sigh before turning their back to me again. “Just let the mortals deal with their problems.”

“You realize if they fail there will be nothing of that realm left to protect, right?” I run to catch up to them. “There will be no point in continuing to guard this place.” I gesture around us, at the Gate.

“There’s only so much we can do.” Some resignation leaks into Samael’s voice. “At some point, we have to let them do it alone.”

“But until we’ve exhausted every option, we have to keep trying.” I consider what Samael said before, about me weakening. “I won’t travel – but you have to help me. Please.”

They stare at me for a beat, before finally saying, “What did you have in mind?”

I don’t know if the stuff from Lexia’s POV is even going to make it into the final product, but I keep writing it. You’d think after spending the better part of a decade in her head I’d be tired of her by now, but here we are.

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As always, think happy thoughts 🙂


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