#EVERyTuesdayWordplay – Rough

#EVERyTuesdayWordplay – Rough

Prompt: #EVERyTuesdayWordplay

To say I’ve had a rough go of it would be an understatement.

I’m not so naive that I thought readjusting to my life would be easy – even without Arius’ request. One does not simply bounce back after a coma. Though the coma bit didn’t bother me much, since Arius kept me busy repaying his favor. But now that it’s over, life feels dull.

I hate feeling this way.

I miss Arius to the point that I actually dream about him. Honestly I’m not sure what’s worse – that I’m pining for a supernatural being I’ll never see again or that I can’t talk to anyone about it…

The cursor blinks at me from the screen, waiting for me to continue typing, but what’s the point?

“Ugh.” Resting my head on the desk, I close my eyes in an attempt to clear the turmoil in my mind. It’s three in the morning, and I could try to sleep, but I know what awaits me when I do. And I’m tired. Tired of waking up from those dreams that will never be real. “Get a hold of yourself.”

When I open my eyes, they fall on a faint mark on my wrist – the only remnant of Mara’s power etched into my skin. It took me days to notice it, but now I can’t unsee the damn thing. With a sigh, I sit up and roll my chair to the nightstand. The top drawer has a false bottom, and I prop it open to reveal Arius’ bracelet. It doesn’t look any different than the day he gave it to me, but it hasn’t felt alive since the last time I saw him.

I don’t know what makes me pick it up, but I do. For the first time in months, the metal feels warm. A jolt shoots up my spine as I feel myself being watched, the weight of a pair of eyes settling into my shoulders.

“Hello?” I stand, turning toward the other side of my room.

The shadows start to solidify, shifting from smoke into a familiar shape. Death, exactly as I remember him. His silver eyes are piercing as ever, but there’s relief in them now.


In my hand, the bracelet burns with an intensity I’d almost forgotten. For a moment I’m back in that damned forest, the metal’s warmth urging me toward him. But I stand my ground, the hurt of being abandoned taking root in my chest.

“You’re really here?” Or am I still asleep?

“I wanted to come sooner…but I couldn’t find you.” He walks until he’s close enough to touch and takes my hand, bringing the bracelet up with it.

“I wore it for a month.”

He holds my wrist, his thumb brushing the mark. His face hardens, a flash of anger at the sight of it. “Mara hid you.”

I’m still not sure I’m awake, but that doesn’t matter. Arius’ eyes meet mine, and they soften again, his anger turned into something tender.

Man, if there wasn’t a 500 word limit on this prompt…

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As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

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