#SwiftFicFriday – Week 9 Winner

#SwiftFicFriday – Week 9 Winner

Happy Monday!

Last week’s writing prompt saw yet another great group of stories (they just keep on coming!) and we have a winner – Daelyn Morgana!

Check out her story below and congratulate her on Twitter 🙂

Wiping my hands on a dirty rag I move to a nearby car and lean in under the hood. I have no intention of tinkering. My hand brushes against heavy, cold steel tucked behind the engine.

Glass shatters somewhere in the chop shop’s office. The boss is giving hell. I lift my gaze. My reflection bounces off the metallic green paint of a Porsche like a mirror. Rugged. Cold. Grim. Nothing recognizable. Relatives wouldn’t know me if they stared me in the face. Blinking I see a flash of Amy and Nicole behind my eyelids. My heart clenches.

The office door slams open and the buyer storms out. My hand slips behind the engine, grips steel. Shadow comes out a second after. His dark eyes scowl and catch me staring.

“What are you lookin’ at, Jay?”

My grip tightens. “Nothin’, boss.”

He appraises me, all paranoid like. Then he huffs, heads back inside. I follow to the doorway, soundless. They call him Shadow because he has a reputation. Anyone that dares cross him never sees him come out of the shadows before it’s too late.

Ironic, really.

I raise my arm. The telltale click of the safety flipping off causes Shadow to stiffen.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doin’?” Rage coats his words. He turns around, stares down the barrel, and me. My rage outmatches his.

Two years it took me to wiggle into this gang and climb ranks to get close enough for this chance. My hand doesn’t even shake. Somewhere along the way I lost my way, lost my aversion to violence. Tragedy will do that. Vengeance will do that.

“May 14, 2002. Blessill Bay Park.”

Realization dawns. He reaches for the gun tucked into the back of his belt. I fire first. Execution style.

Come back on Friday for the next prompt!

Winner - Daelyn Morgana

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