#100WordChallenge – Poison

#100WordChallenge – Poison

Prompt: Poison

I dream of Arius, but wish I didn’t. I wish I could forget.

They’re pleasant dreams – of what could have been. Of what it’d be like to kiss Death back. But every time I wake, my thoughts for the day feel poisoned. The dreams weigh me down, and people have started to notice. My parents watch me with concern, though they think I can’t tell.

They think it has to do with the coma, that I went back to work too soon and it’s taking its toll. I let them believe what they want. The truth is so much worse.

At this point I feel like I might be dragging this out, but here’s to hopefully getting this one done this week.

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt!

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

One thought on “#100WordChallenge – Poison

  1. I had only myself to blame. I was warned. “She is poison.” “If you’re lucky she’ll rip your heart out, sparing you the slow, painful death she usually metes out.”

    I ignored the warnings. She drew me in. A black hole with irresistible gravity. I started my fall into her. First the touch. Then the kiss. Each weakening me more. Then our congress. I knew the moment of my explosion would be the moment of my extinction. Not only did I not care. I savored the thought.

    When it happened, though, I did not disappear. I became part of her.

    100 Words, @stories2121

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