#ThursThreads – Apologies

#ThursThreads – Apologies

Prompt: “There was no way out.”


Though Arius has always been calm and steady – even when he’s upset – the panicked voice is impossible to mistake. And even if it didn’t resonate deep in my chest, the bracelet grows warm. A moment later, it’s tugging me back toward the forest.

Trusting my intuition and the bracelet’s magic, I break into a run. I ignore the shimmering beings, block out the screams, and just concentrate on going where the bracelet wants. The heat slowly increases, until it’s a barely bearable burn, like skin on sand in the middle of the summer. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, and my legs can’t carry me another step, I see him. Arius’ eyes catch mine, and we bolt toward each other. As his arms come around me, a rush of wind forces me to close my eyes and the ground falls away beneath us.

When everything finally settles, the first thing I notice is his reluctance to let go. The ground is steady again, the bracelet no longer burns, and when I look up I realize we’re back in the ruins.

“I’m sorry – there was no way out, and I couldn’t-”

“Are you hurt?” He pulls back, but his hands cup my face, eyes intense.

“I’m-I’m okay.” I offer a shaky smile, unsure if he’ll believe me.

In an act of unprecedented intimacy (the kiss doesn’t count), he rests his forehead against mine. “I’m so sorry I dragged you into this…”

I wasn’t expecting Death to apologize.

The end is nigh!

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt.

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂

Update: This one got me a win!!

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