#MidWeekFlash – Force of Nature

#MidWeekFlash – Force of Nature

Prompt: #MidWeekFlash

It’s been a long time since I’ve given my sister more than a passing thought. And maybe that’s part of why she’s so angry, so hellbent on her revenge. Mara has always been a force of nature, a raging ocean, a tempest. Her talents as Death lay in plagues, massive natural disasters, genocide – the kinds of events that could drive humanity to extinction. And that was just fine, for a while.

But the humans changed, and with that, the ways in which they died also changed. Suddenly the death rates weren’t enough for Mara. You see, she’s always been hungry. Greedy for the souls she once took for granted. I trapped Mara for their sake. She wants them all, but she doesn’t actually care.

Not like I do.

But maybe she’s right about Enid. Maybe my attachment to the human comes from more than just understanding her life’s value. I’ve always been so careful not to let my emotions get the better of me – like Mara’s got the better of her – but maybe I’m no different than my sister.

Death shouldn’t be having existential crises, little brother. Mara laughs, the sound echoing in my head as I get lost in the spiraling thoughts.

“…why haven’t you found me?” Enid’s voice is faint, but it breaks through Mara’s laughter. I latch onto it, trying to focus on where it might be coming from.

“Enid?” Her name is hope itself, and I almost flinch at how that sounds coming from me. I don’t have time to process my feelings – I need to find her before she succumbs to my sister.

Mara falls silent, and I’m left with emptiness as I strain to feel Enid’s energy, to hear her voice again.

“Dammit, Arius…” Like a switch, her voice flips something inside me, and I manage to lock onto it, to her energy. In less than a second, I’m gone and reappear in the middle of a forest.

“Enid!” I should know better than to just yell her name, but the need to find her is nearly all-consuming. “Enid!”

You’re weak, brother. That weakness will cost your little human her life.

Three days strong – woo!

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As always, think happy thoughts!


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