#SwiftFicFriday – Week 4 Winner

#SwiftFicFriday – Week 4 Winner

Happy Monday!

Cara Michaels (@caramichaels) is now a 3x #SwiftFicFriday winner!

Check out her story below and congratulate her on Twitter 🙂

If ever I didn’t believe in fate, in serendipity, the sight currently gracing the parking lot maybe changed my mind. Compact, lithe, muscular. He moved with unconscious grace, though I caught the rigid lines of tension adding a staccato beat to his normally fluid movements.

The dancer was early tonight, and my heart jumped into a decidedly non-resting pace.

He didn’t see me. No one saw me, because invisibility—no matter what the dirty minded souls of the world might think—was good for plenty of non-pervy uses, like walking unmolested across the campus at midnight.

He didn’t see me, and so he didn’t hide the tears tracks glimmering in the amber light of the tall lamps as he ended a phone call and stuffed the phone into his bag. He sighed, swiping the tears from his face.

I didn’t like intruding on an obviously private moment, even if—especially if—he didn’t know, so I hung back as he crossed the parking lot toward the Fine Arts building.

Hung back as three shadows detached themselves from an SUV parked close to the entrance.

Hung back as a mocking voice hailed the dancer.

“Didn’t mommy ever teach you it’s not safe to walk alone at night, Princess?”

Hung back one last time to gauge the dancer’s reaction.

“What do you want?” He crossed his arms, more irritation than defense. “Didn’t my knee slamming your dick tell you no well enough last time?”

Last time?

Muffled laughter. One of the trio stumbled forward, propelled by the other two.

My body tensed for a fight, fury burning low in my gut over the last time. That sense of serendipity grew in me—because this time he wasn’t alone. This time, he had backup. Whether he knew it or not, he had me.

Come back on Friday for the next prompt!

Swift Fic Friday Winner - Cara Michaels

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