#SwiftFicFriday – Week 3 Vote

#SwiftFicFriday – Week 3 Vote

Another prompt, another round of great responses! Check them out below and vote for your favorite:

Story 1 by Cara Michaels

Spin the bottle, roll the dice, pull the top card.

I’ve gathered them together, my beautiful pawns. I’ve pushed them into motion. Two in the hospital, two in hiding, one falling victim to his own fragile mind. I can’t be lax, though. At its most breakable is when any prey becomes its most dangerous self. So how they respond now may determine everything—they are the wild cards in this winner-take-all game.

I’ve hurt them. Angered them. And now they scuttle about like a compromised ant hill, all motion and panic and purpose. Finding me, taking me down, is that purpose. I’ve kicked my way into their safe little world, and now they play in mine.

I want to win the game, but there are no rules.

Will I take them down one by one? Or will they triumph over me? Will they content themselves with merely capturing me? Or will they fall from their mighty moral perches and need more concrete revenge to gain closure?

Is it wrong to ache for that moment? To want to see it in their eyes when they succumb to the thrill of snuffing out a life?

No game will ever match this one, and I know it will be my last.

But the thrill exists in never knowing how death might find me.

Will it be on my terms or theirs?

Story 2 by Siobhan Muir

I’d never felt power like this before. It surged through me like a wave but I could grab a-hold of it and wield it like a rope. Maybe I could lasso the forces of evil standing in the field beyond the wall and restrain them until Arach did his shifto-chango thing and became a dragon. Hell, I could ride him into the sunset. Great, now I’m thinking in cowboy metaphors.

Concentrating on the energy whipping through me, I bound it into a familiar shape and cast it like a net over the advancing troops.

“No, don’t catch them. Push them back!” Arach snarled as he batted a couple of arrows out of the air.


“So we can get out of here!” He swung around, casting another shield-like blast to protect our backs.

“But you’re a dragon. Can’t you just fly us out of here once we have the Keystone?” It didn’t seem like that big a stretch.

“Not when the estate has a geas against shifting magic. We’re gonna have to make a run for it.”

“Oh.” That changed things.

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