#MenageMonday – Transformed

#MenageMonday – Transformed

Prompt: #MenageMonday

When my hand touches the wall, it burns. It burns but I can’t move it away, can’t so much as budge. Sparks illuminate my hand along the edges, and the sensation grows worse.

I don’t know what I expected would happen, but it wasn’t this.


“Don’t move, it’ll make it worse.” There’s little comfort in his voice, but no anger – just resignation.

“What…?” The unfamiliar letters slither off the wall and up my arm. Like tattoos, they settle into my skin, a faint glowing giving way to more discomfort. The pain rises and falls, ebbs and flows, until I feel myself carried away by its current. As the etchings disappear from my line of sight, I know they’ve climbed my neck, made their way up my jaw, my cheeks.

When they touch my temple, faint murmurings override my senses. The tower of voices rises with every passing second.

I blink, and a million visions pass my eyes. I’m far above the ruins, my feet dangling in the air. A city passes underneath – or I pass over it? The scenery changes and I catch glimpses of forests, oceans, mountains. More cities. More ruins. Ancient things I can’t name and could never describe. Stars burst behind my eyes, casting lights and colors across everything.

And then I fall back, too weak to stand. I expect to hit the ground but land instead against Arius, his embrace warmer than I thought Death could be.

In front of us, the wall is bare.

Yet again, I am at the mercy of writing prompts. I still have no clue where this story is going, and I’ve never gotten this far into a story without naming my protagonist. Maybe I won’t name her at all – I don’t see this going farther than a short story, so I might be able to get away with it.

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Reminder: I’ve kicked off my own prompt series! Come back tomorrow night (keep an eye on my Twitter) to play 🙂

Update: Another Judge’s Pet!


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