Review: The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind

Review: The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind

Title: The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind
Author: Jackson Ford


For Teagan Frost, sh*t just got real.

Teagan Frost is having a hard time keeping it together. Sure, she’s got telekinetic powers—a skill that the government is all too happy to make use of, sending her on secret break-in missions that no ordinary human could carry out. But all she really wants to do is kick back, have a beer, and pretend she’s normal for once.

But then a body turns up at the site of her last job—murdered in a way that only someone like Teagan could have pulled off. She’s got 24 hours to clear her name—and it’s not just her life at stake. If she can’t unravel the conspiracy in time, her hometown of Los Angeles will be in the crosshairs of an underground battle that’s on the brink of exploding…

Full of imagination, wit and random sh*t flying through the air, this insane adventure from an irreverent new voice will blow your tiny mind.


I saw the title for this one and honestly didn’t think twice.

Right from the beginning the book dives (literally) into the action. Teagan takes the reader through a wild ride, and her voice is is engaging. Despite her supernatural abilities and constantly reminding herself that she’s completely unlike the regular people around her, she’s decidedly human and thoroughly relatable.

I’ve never been to LA, but the author does such a great job of describing the city that if I ever do visit, I think it’ll feel like I’ve been there before. The city comes to life under Teagan’s narration, and that makes it a character in its own right.

Overall it was a fun thriller, with a twist I honestly didn’t see coming. The reason it gets three stars, though, is that there were too many typos for me to count, inconsistencies in the Spanish (I’m a native speaker and it threw me sometimes), and at the end of the story, I didn’t really feel the need to read the next one. It was a good, standalone story that I don’t really think needs all its mysteries revealed. However, if it were a movie, I would definitely go through the whole series. Personally, I think this type of story could be better served in a movie series rather than a book.

If you’re a fan of heists and adventure, check this one out. It might not have quite been for me, but it could be your next favorite!

Rating: 3/5

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