#ThursThreads – Stubborn

#ThursThreads – Stubborn

Prompt: “Does it matter?”

We walk for what seems like hours, but it’s probably only a few minutes. The sun hasn’t moved at all. Does time run differently here? Would I be able to tell if it does?

Arius walks a few paces ahead, his stride confident. My progress is slower as I take in my surroundings, my mind still struggling, processing. We’re deep into the ruins now, probably a mile or so from the spot where the door into this dimension disappeared.

Despite how delicate the trinket is, the bracelet’s weight is heavy on my wrist. Every time I stop, I feel it tugging in Arius’ direction, the pull stronger the longer I wait to continue walking.

I feel like a dog on a leash. And – like a stubborn dog – I stop and refuse to move. Beside me, the ruin’s wall stands at least six feet tall. Scribbles in a language I don’t recognize cover almost every inch of it, reminding me of pictures I’ve seen of the Rosetta Stone.

The bracelet tugs. I resist, and instead reach out to trace the writing with my fingers.

Arius appears from nowhere and grabs my wrist, stopping me.



“Does it matter why? Just don’t touch it.”

“Of course it matters.” I snatch my hand away. “You spirit me away and expect me to just roll with it? To not ask questions?”

“Yes.” He drops my arm.

Before he can react, I look Death in the eyes and press my palm to the wall.

Turns out this nameless heroine is more stubborn & reckless than the rest of my leading ladies. Be sure to check out the rest of the responses at the prompt!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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