Prompt: “That’d be no fun.”

“So you need me to get this book for you?” It sounds too easy. So easy, in fact, he should be able to do it himself. “And you can’t do it yourself because…?”

“What part of ‘it’s protected from me’ don’t you get?” Death crosses his arms, looking at me like I’m an idiot.

“The part where I’m supposed to wrap my head around a book that keeps people alive. Obviously.” I lean back on the bench, watching as people file in and out of the building across the street.

“It’s pretty simple. I have lots of books – each one covering a different place. Keeping track of the histories that come and go. The one that corresponds to this place is in that building – warded against me – and without it, I can’t keep track of the histories. Can’t move these people’s lives forward, toward their inevitable end.”

“So it’s like a book you’re writing?”

“Sort of.”

“So none of these people can die?”


“Including me? Because I’m here?”


“Is that so bad?” The thought is a bit thrilling, and though we have an understanding, I have half a mind to just not comply.

“There are worse things than death.” There’s an edge to his voice. “Imagine the world dying around this town, all of you trapped, unable to leave because of that book. That’d be no fun, would it?”

“You never intended to let me go, did you?” Of course I’d be trapped here. Of course.

He shrugs.

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