#MenageMonday – Continued Bargain

#MenageMonday – Continued Bargain

I really have dragged myself into another serial. However! This one I intend to end quickly. Maybe I can get a short story out of it. Who knows?

Prompt: #MenageMonday

Sometimes I wonder if I should’ve just let Death take me.

I found Nox – would have found it sooner if I’d paid more attention in Latin – and I should have just left it at that. Death would have let me walk away. I had, after all, fulfilled my end of the deal. But – as usual – I couldn’t help but dig a little deeper.

“So why couldn’t you find this place yourself?” It’s not like the town was hidden. It was a fairly new development, too, as I finally found it when I saw a commercial trying to attract new residents. I recognized the jutting windows and web-like stone and metal fixtures that decorated the visitors center from the advert. The building was larger up close than it seemed on TV.

“Our deal was you’d find this place and we’d be even. I won’t have anyone say Death broke the rules. If I tell you, there’s no turning back. Is that what you want?” Death walked beside me, hands in his pockets, posture relaxed. He glanced in my direction, lifting a perfect eyebrow, silver eyes cutting right through me. I’d spent enough time with him to know it was a rhetorical question, but I answered anyway.

“There’s already no turning back.” And he knew it. The smirk on his smug, handsome face said so.

“Very well.” He turned, facing me and motioning to the building behind him. “There’s a book in there, protecting this place from me. I need it back.”

I still don’t even have a name for our protagonist. Oh well. If you want to read the whole thing so far, check out the posts under Waking Beauty.

As always, think happy thoughts!

Update: I won an honorable mention!

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