#100WordChallenge – Broken Focus

#100WordChallenge – Broken Focus

Totally dropped the ball on getting my weekly writing done last week, but here I am! And the best part? This week’s bit (inspired by #100WordChallenge) contributes to Withered Legacy and Saxon’s characterization.

So yay!

Prompt: Interrupted

“Saxon?” Elle’s voice interrupts my concentration, and I nearly lose it.

“Go. Away.”

Meditation is not easy. I had to work at it much longer than Adwin, though mom started us at the same time. Relaxation always came easy to him, though. He always had control and confidence in his powers. But not me. And  though I’ve had a firm grasp on it for the better part of the past fifteen years, I still have to put too much effort into meditation. Into the building blocks of my powers.

Every. Single. Day.

Can you blame me for snapping at her?

As always, think happy thoughts!

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