Waking Beauty

Waking Beauty

Happy Monday!

I’m starting the week off on the right foot – went to the gym this morning, work is making sense, and look – even wrote a bit! Let’s hope this momentum keeps up as I get ready to tackle the hardest rewrite I’ve ever had to do.

Thanks to some beta reader feedback and a long conversation with my sister, I’m completely rethinking/reimagining how Nocturne Vow is going to go. I’m talking total overhaul of the story, some mythos tweaking, and a redo of the arranged marriage scenario. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, enjoy this little piece that I hope doesn’t turn into a distraction and its own monster.

Prompt: Cara Michael’s #MenageMonday Challenge

I’ve read about out of body experiences, but nothing could prepare me for this. It’s one thing to hear stories, to imagine seeing yourself on the edge of death – but it’s a whole other thing to watch loved ones come and go, always with tears in their eyes. To listen to their prayers, unable to do anything about them.

“Stubborn as ever.” He always comes out of nowhere. This time, he’s beside me, leaning against the wall. The Reaper smiles, but his silver eyes are focused on my form on the bed.

“Yeah.” If anyone had told me all I had to do to not die was refuse, I’d have laughed in their face. But here I am, unwilling to let the Reaper take me. It’s been a few days since his last attempt, though. “So try again if you’d like, but I’m not budging.”

“That’s not why I’m here.” He turns to me. “I have a proposition for you.”


“I’ll wake you up.” He gestures to the bed before crossing his arms. “But you’ll owe me.” There’s an edge to his voice.

“Owe you what?”

“A favor.”

“That’s it?”

He nods, offering his hand. “You have my word. Just between us.”

I don’t know what his word is worth, but the gravity in his voice rings with truth.

“Okay. Deal.” I take his hand and he pulls me in. Our lips meet, the kiss brief, before he disappears in a cloud of smoke.

With a gasp, I wake.

As always, think happy thoughts!


I actually won! It’s my first Menage Monday win 🙂


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