A triumphant (?) return

So I just realized the other day that I haven’t posted anything here since December of last year. Shame on me. That being said, I have been getting a ton of writing done. If you’ve poked around my social media lately, you’ll notice that I’ve taken down Nocturne Vow and I’ve been talking about it on Twitter. Nocturne Vow is on its third draft (second rewrite!) and it’s taken on a life of its own, basically monopolizing all my writing time.

But I’ve managed to carve out some time today for #ThursThreads, and I intend to participate in these weekly prompts more often. At least once a month, because something I just really need a break from the monster that Nocturne Vow has become.

Prompt: “If I had held my tongue”


Maybe it’s the cold, or reflecting on the past, or the thought of what I put Nate through, but when tears start burning behind my eyes, I can’t stop them. I bite my lip, trying to keep from outright sobbing. Despite my sad attempt at self-control and how I try to turn away from Nate and head back inside, he notices.


“I still have some tests to run on your blood. You can stay out here as long as you need.” Instead of letting me go, he grabs my hand, stopping me short of the tunnel.

“You did the right thing.”

“Did I?” Still, I don’t pull away. It’s almost comforting, having him anchor me from the thoughts spiraling in my head. “Maybe I never should have said anything. I could’ve just kept my head down. If I had held my tongue, maybe I could have sabotaged my father from the inside.”

“There’s no use dwelling on that-”

“I wouldn’t have dragged you down with me. You wouldn’t have been shot. I wouldn’t have injected you with-”

Nate cuts me off with his lips against mine. His hands cup my face, holding me still for two heartbeats before he breaks the kiss to rest his forehead against mine. Stunned, I can’t even look at him.

“I made my choice, Selah.” Nate steps away before walking past me and toward the tunnel. “That’s not on you.”

I wait until I can’t hear his footsteps anymore before I follow after him.

As always, think happy thoughts!

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