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As much as I don’t want to put another story on my plate, today’s #ThursThreads prompt inspired another piece in Selah and Nate’s story.

Prompt: “Glad you think so.”


Nate’s nap did little to improve our moods. Not that I expected it to help me at all, but still. He said little, and I knew better at this point than to try to stir conversation –  especially while I stuck him with needles and hooked him up to all manner of machines. On the bright side, almost everything was normal.


Everything seemed fine until I withdrew the needle that had been taking blood samples. I prepared a cotton swab and bandage to cover the wound while it bled, but I didn’t need them.

“You’re not bleeding.”

“What? You got your samples, didn’t you?” He pointed at the vials on the nearby table.

“Yeah, but look,” The spot on his arm where I stuck the needle showed no sign of even a prick, “You should be bleeding now, but there’s nothing.” I wiped at the spot, even applied a bit of pressure to see if it would bleed. Nothing. “Give me your hand.”

Though reluctant, he did as I said. I reached for a clean needle and pricked his finger. No blood. “So what does that mean?”

“Your cells are repairing themselves fast enough to stop any bleeding.” I turned to my notebook and wrote that down. “That’s incredible.”

Caught up in the discovery, I didn’t stop myself before muttering it aloud.

“Glad you think so.”

“Sorry.” Mentally kicking myself, I went back to being quiet before turning my attention to the vials, focusing on searching for more serum-induced abnormalities.

What other side effects will Selah find?

As always, think happy thoughts!


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