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I’ve really dropped the ball on posting here, but know that I’m still around. Just not doing as much online as I used to. Someday, I’ll come back to regularly posting.

This is a continuation of this piece.

Prompt: “What could I say?”


We rode to the other safe house in uncomfortable silence.

When Nate woke up a few hours before, he didn’t want to talk, and now was no different. After I helped him check his vitals, he shut down – completely silent save for small sounds of agreement or dissent as we readied the car to leave. I didn’t push him to talk to me, knowing full well I had no real right to demand communication. Not after what I did. He could pretend he didn’t blame me all he wanted, but it was obviously not okay.

Still, the silence would drive me insane long before reaching our destination. What could I say to break the tension?

“How are you feeling?” The words tumbled out, awkward and clunky, before I could stop them.

“Exhausted.” It was more syllables than I expected.

I risked a quick glance at him, unwilling to take my eyes off the road for long. His eyes were closed, head tilted back against the headrest.

Was it a side-effect of the serum? I hadn’t expected a personality change. Any sign of the man who’d almost begged me to stay by his side was gone, replaced by someone I could only describe as cold. Literally. The only thing off about his vitals had been his body temperature.

“You can get some proper sleep when we’re safe.”

“And when will that be?” I flinched at his frustration.

“Soon.” My hands tightened on the wheel, eyes fixed on the dark road ahead.

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