Looking ahead

Hello! Bet you didn’t think you’d hear from me again today.

So I’m rethinking my entire website. I’m considering taking the serials down for a while, and coming up with a better look/feel to everything. Not to mention I have lofty ambitions for The Deal and A Vampire’s Bride. Both those stories have real potential to become at least novellas, and that’s not a project I’ll work on unless I start rewriting them now. And I want to make Secondhand Soul and Provisional Freedom more cohesive with each other. Now that I have tons of material for both of them (aka what amounts to a shitty first draft), I can tell the stories semi-properly. But I’ll need to rewrite those, too. I think the last couple of weeks of constant writing have gotten me into a rhythm I can maintain. Or at least proved to myself that I can, in fact, force myself to write everyday.

And so I want this to be more than a dumping ground for my orphaned ideas/crappy stream of consciousness type of writing I’ve been putting out there recently. And to do that I need to restructure. A lot. I want to polish and expand upon what I’ve written to give a cohesive story on here. If that means I can only do one at a time, then so be it.

That’s not to say I’ll stop doing writing prompts responses! Because those will never stop. I do think that my flash writing needs work, though, and I need to learn to tell a “complete” story with flash instead of just coming up with the starts of new ones.

On top of that stuff I really want to go back to regularly reviewing books. And maybe even TV shows. And to do that I need to place more focus on reading. To read more, I need to have fewer commitments on my plate. So we’ll see how this goes.

Change is good and coming soon!

So stay tuned for that!

As always, think happy thoughts 🙂


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