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#100wordchallenge – Lost


Work is beginning to wind down a bit, so I think I’m going to try participating in the #100wordchallenge every week. After all, it’s only 100 words. I think I can manage that on a weekly basis.

Prompt: Lost

Today we dive back into Provisional Freedom (this title needs work, I’ll be changing it eventually).


I’ve died and been to purgatory – but I’ve never felt more lost as I stare at a map of the campus. Given everything that’s happened, returning to a normal life shouldn’t be this terrifying, but it is. I can’t even find my god-forsaken dorm.

“Need help?” Max looks over my shoulder.

“Go away.” Last thing I need is to be seen talking to myself.

“Would that I could, but I’m on babysitting duty.” The angel crosses their arms and smiles, coming into my line of vision.

I’ve never seen them in human clothes. “No…you don’t mean…”

“Let’s go roommie.”


And that’s that. Will this become a slice of life story? A super-hero origin? Who knows! I certainly don’t 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!



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