Bewitched & Enthralled


Happy Tuesday!

Found some extra time today and a great prompt to keep A Vampire’s Bride going, so hooray for that! The prompt comes courtesy of Our Write Side’s Two Word Tuesday!

Prompt: Bewitch and/or Enthrall


I’m not sure what I expected would happen upon telling my dad. What I didn’t expect was for him to look at me like I’d grown a third arm. To his credit, he manages not to lose his temper or yell at me.

“Are you okay?” It’s been a solid minute since my confession, so I feel the need to check. By now he’s settled into sitting on my bed, while I’m still on the floor with my attention on my weapons.

“Just…takes a moment to sink in.”

“To be honest I’m surprised you’re not more upset.” I set my weapons down to really look at him.

“I never said I’m not upset. The last thing I wanted to happen – after you being picked as a vampire’s bride – was for you to endanger yourself further by hunting them!” Despite his exasperation, he’s still pretty calm. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he takes a deep breath. “When did this start? Is it because of what Niklaus did?”

“No! Well, sort of, but not the way you might think…” I correct myself in a rush at the look on my dad’s face. Once he relaxes again, I continue. “He and his sister have actually been training me themselves.”

If my father’s jaw could hit the floor, it would. I backtrack, figuring I probably should have started from the beginning. Doing my best to appease my father’s fears, I tell him everything – from the moment I arrived at the castle to Niklaus dropping me off a few hours ago. For his own peace of mind, I avoid telling him Niklaus stayed. The entire time, my father’s eyes never leave mine, completely enthralled in the story of how I ended up as a vampire hunter. He doesn’t even interrupt to ask questions. By the time I’m done, the sun is up.

“Ariella…do you really intend to keep doing this?”

“I have to. Everyone is in danger if I don’t.”

“Can’t Niklaus and the other vampires in charge do something about it?”

“We’re not sure that those other vampires can be trusted. And the council continues to only send Niklaus and Nadya. They need my help. And if things get worse, I’ll need to be able to protect us – protect you and the others.” The thought only just occurs to me now. I can’t exactly continue to be the only human vampire hunter in our village.

My dad must see something in my eyes – either that I’ve lost my mind or that there’s no changing it. He pulls me into a tight embrace. “Just be careful. If you need help – supplies, weapons, anything – don’t hesitate to ask. I can’t control what you do, but I can at least help keep you safe.”

Why didn’t I tell him sooner? Relief floods through me at his words, and I hug him back. “Thank you.”


So it turns out Ariella’s dad is way more understanding than she thought he’d be. Hmm. At least it helps move the plot along!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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