#ThursThreads -Moving forward


Looks like this momentum is here to stay – how awesome is that? While I’m kind of forcing myself to write, I’ll never be able to break out of my current slump-ish writing mood if I don’t put words down, so here we are. Today’s prompt comes courtesy of #ThursThreads.

Prompt: “Is it done?”

And we finally get to jump back into Videl’s head! Woo!


It’s awkward, knowing Paola is sitting downstairs as we wait for Marcus. She’s the first human I’ve interacted with other than my siblings, and the fear in her eyes when she saw my hands wasn’t helping. As long as Max is here, though, I have to deal with my mark being on display for all to see. I give her some space, choosing to check on my siblings, making sure they’ll be asleep for a while.

I’m careful to be quiet, and only linger long enough to be sure they won’t wake up and come downstairs. As I make my way down, the front door opens.

“Is it done?” I’m not really sure what ‘it’ is – Marcus wouldn’t tell me what the boss had him go out and do – but given Marcus’ apprehension when he left, it couldn’t have been easy.

“Yes. Took me longer than I thought it would – sorry about that.” He takes two steps into the house, triggering the change in his eyes. They finally notice my bloody arms.

“Max is here?”

“Yeah – they brought reinforcements. Some kid. Wouldn’t tell me much else.” We meet at the bottom of the stairs.

“A kid? A human one?”

“I guess.” I shrug.

Marcus follows behind me as we enter the living room. As expected, Paola freezes, eyes wide, at the sight of my partner. What I didn’t expect is the way Marcus reacts – he stops in his tracks, terror and pain in his eyes at the sight of her.


And we finally got here! I got lucky I was able to work the prompt in. Hopefully some day I can add some more work to these serials and make them available as novellas.

Don’t forget to check out the other responses at the prompt!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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