#100WordChallenge – Cold



Let’s keep the momentum going by returning to yet another one of my usual inspirations, Tara’s #100WordChallenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook.

Prompt: Cold

This fits in nicely with where I left off A Vampire’s Bride yesterday, so another entry for that story!


Soon enough my smile turns into my teeth clattering. This seems to break Niklaus’ apprehension to approach me and he closes the distance, shrugging off his cloak and shirt, handing them to me.

“Change into these.”

“I’m fine.”


Niklaus turns around and I comply – there’s no arguing with him. Once the clothes are on, I move toward him and wrap my arms around his torso.

“Thank you.”

He turns, flickers of hesitation still in his eyes, but he returns my embrace with a soft kiss. I’m not cold anymore, but that doesn’t stop the shiver that runs through me.


And we inch ever closer to the end of this story. Here’s hoping I can go back to Videl soon. I’m counting on tomorrow’s #ThursThreads. Fingers  crossed!

As always, think happy thoughts!


Tell me what you think!

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